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Quora, tell me when I earn credits?

Aileen SimAileen Sim, restless singaporean entrepreneur
2 upvotes by Arsenije Catic and Edwin Khoo.
Checked my Quora Credits balance for the first time today. Apparently I've been earning credits!

Granted its not that much. But of course, in addition to being happy I found more credits for spending, this actually made me feel good.

(I know, i'm vain like that.)

The same way leveling up in Farmville or earning Simoleans in The Sims made me feel good.

I get a ton of notifications from Quora (a tad too many if you ask me), but never for when I earn credits.

I wonder why credits isn't baked more into the overall experience.  Wouldn't that drive more activity?

 Why isn't my credit balance on the top right right next to my name?

Why doesn't my notification say, "Edwin Khoo voted up your answer.  You've just earned 10 credits."?

Why doesn't my weekly quora email digest tell me I earned 50 credits in the last week, and that I could spend that on a new question? 

"Gamification" has become a bit of a dirty word, but it works.

There are super smart people on the Quora product team and i'm sure this is something they've talked about. Can someone from Quora shed some light on the thinking behind the design of credits?


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Aileen Sim
Aileen Sim
restless singaporean entrepreneur